Tuesday, November 20, 2018

An ARBICO Thanksgiving

A drawing of an orange pumpkin with twigs and leaves around it in green and orange and the words, "Happy Thanksgiving"Earlier this month, we had our annual ARBICO Thanksgiving potluck in spectacular Catalina State Park near our office here in Oro Valley, Arizona. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we feasted on a medley of delicious dishes. There was also horseshoes and music – pretty much all the necessary ingredients for a successful picnic.

I went around and asked some of my co-workers, “What is your favorite thing about Thanksgiving?” Their answers are below (you’re going to see a pattern):
A blonde lady in a red shirt and blue jeans leaning over a table - Kim
Kim - Office
A lady with glasses and short grey hair wearing a purple shirt - Theresa from H.R.
Theresa - H.R
Kim: “Family and food”

A lady with long brown hair wearing sunglasses and a black shirt. Andrea from Purchasing.  
Andrea - Purchasing
 Theresa: “Getting together with my family; we don’t get to do it enough”

 Andrea: “Being with friends and family”

Elliott: “It’s super stereotypical but I just love being around family and friends and the fellowship of food”
A man with glasses and red hair and a red beard wearing a black shirt - Elliott from Shipping.  
Elliott - Shipping

A man wearing a tan cap and a blue shirt holding a large sledge hammer - Chris from the Insectary.
Chris - Insectary
              Chris: “Family and friends”

Becky: "Mashed potatoes and gravy"
(Full disclosure: Becky originally said
A lady wearing a white cap and a purple shirt - Becky from Sales.
Becky - Sales
"family and  friends". I prodded her
to change her answer in the interest of variety, which she cheerfully did because she's just that nice.)

It is abundantly clear from these answers that the true spirit of Thanksgiving is alive and
well amongst us ARBICO

Here’s wishing you memorable food and all the family and friends you can handle.

 Submitted by Pam

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