Monday, November 25, 2019

ARBICO Thanksgiving 2019

Happy Thanksgiving banner with autumn leaves

A woman in a black top holding a crock pot and leaning on another on a table.
Jess - Marketing
A man with grey hair, dark sunglasses and a red shirt standing under a ramada
Greg - Sales
A woman with dark hair and a black top standing behind a table of food and holding a tray of mac and cheese.
Christina - Shipping
This past Friday, ARBICO celebrated its annual Thanksgiving Potluck only a few minutes away from our offices at beautiful Catalina State Park (we go there every year and never tire of it).  The grandeur of the setting was only matched by the quality of  the food and camaraderie. Here are some of our team proudly showing their food contribution and others just happily enjoying the day.

A woman with wavy brown hair wearing a black shirt and a green plaid vest holding a red plastic bowl full of salad.
Taylor - Sales 

A dark-haired woman in a grey shirt standing in front of a table full of beverages. There are trees, mountains and clouds in the background.
Caitlin - Office 
A man with a blue baseball hat and black shirt with his hands in a bowl of lettuce.
Big Mike - Insectary
Did you know that there used to be a tradition of dressing in costumes for Thanksgiving? I know I didn't. A hundred years ago this really was a thing. It seems
like a somewhat creepier version of trick or treat.
This article explains this lost event and has some great pictures. If you want other unusual Thanksgiving trivia to pass around the dinner table, this short article can provide that.

A woman with long, dark, wavy hair wearing glasses and a long-sleeved black shirt. She is holding the lid of a crockpot. The black crockpot is sitting on a table with a red and white checked tablecloth.
Anissa - Marketing


Submitted by Pam
A group of 5 woman and 2 man sitting at table with a red and white checked tablecloth. There are trees and clouds in the background.
The Insectary Crew

A gif of 2 images - one is a turkey prepared to cook and the other is a live turkey on a skateboard.

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