Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Product Review: NemAttack Beads Offer Simple, Environmentally Safe Pest Control

No matter if you grow indoors or outdoors, you have to be conscious of pests. If left unchecked, common nuisances like gnats, maggots, and types of fungal infections can devastate your carefully cultivated plants and crops. There are tried and true methods for keeping invasive populations down, such as making sure that your greenhouse is clean, draining any standing pools of water immediately, and using flypaper and sticky traps to trap harmful insects. However, a new product from ARBICO Organics has turned common pest control into a simple task that takes seconds to complete. NemAttack Beads Sf provide pest-killing beneficial nematodes in simple capsules that require no refrigeration to store.

So, what is a nematode? They’re commonly referred to as roundworms, which often develop parasitic relationships with animals. However, there are also certain types of nematodes that feed on plants. These nematodes are called eelworms. These microscopic creatures have adapted to every biome on earth, ranging from the bottom of the ocean floor to mountain peaks. Some nematodes cause grave diseases in humans while others benefit humanity by playing a crucial role in insect regulation.

This ability to kill insects without using toxic, environmentally damaging chemicals is what makes certain species of nematodes an extremely effective form of plant pest control. This specific type of nematode is referred to as an entomopathogen. Similar to how certain species of nematodes cause illness in humans or plants by parasitic infection, entomopathogenic nematodes disable insect populations by hampering growth, development, and reproduction.

NemAttack Beads Sf contain Steinernema feltiae, a species of nematode that disables several hundreds of different garden pests, including a large majority of common indoor pests in their soil developing stage. Using NemAttack Beads Sf is incredibly simple. The nematodes can be shipped directly to your door by ordering at Arbico-Organics.com. Once purchased, the nematodes arrive in resilient capsules. No refrigeration is needed to store the nematodes, simply storing them in a room temperature environment is more than adequate.

Apply ARBICO’s NemAttack Beads Sf in any type of growing environment. They’re perfect for a simple houseplant to a professional greenhouse. If you’re growing in a soil medium, apply the nematodes to the top layer of soil. Do not pre-mix with water. After placing the beads on the soil, water the soil until it is moist. Nematodes flourish best in moist soil. For all growing mediums, introducing the nematodes at dawn or dusk produces the best results.  

NemAttack Beads Sf are just one of the 10 beneficial nematode options offered by ARBICO for controlling pests in the soil.

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