Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Enzyme Cleaners – Clean and Green

Is it wrong to love a cleaner? I have recently become fascinated with enzymatic cleaners and I like them so much that I have gotten rid of my old cleaners and plunged headlong into this brave new world.  Here are the signs that you may be a candidate for enzymatic cleaner bliss:
ü      You feel frustrated with expensive products that don’t really work.
ü      The room you’re cleaning smells worse than when you started.
ü      The chemicals have not only made your sink shine but also ate away the grout between your tiles.

I like being amazed, but I like the science even better.  How do enzymatic cleaners work?    Well it’s pretty straightforward.  The enzymes are proteins that catalyze (speed up) a chemical reaction.  An enzyme cleaner works by attaching to the stain, spot or other organic nastiness (pet urine comes to mind).  Once connected to the offending organic matter, the action begins and the enzyme begins to break down the material. 

Enzymes basically break organic material into its basic components which are then ‘recycled’ by the planet.  Stains are gone, odors are gone – and you are left with a clean and sweet smelling environment.  Best of all, enzyme cleaners are not harmful to humans, pets, or aquatic life.

Specific enzymes break down different families of organics:
  • Amylase enzymes break down starch-based stains.
  • Lipolase enzymes break down fat-based stains.
  • Protease enzymes break down protein based stains.
 Here is a short list of ways our staff has used this amazing product:

1.      Clean out slow or clogged drains – REALLY!
2.      Clean up pet stains – including urine and blood.
3.      Remove skunk odor from clothes and skin and fur.
4.      Remove soap scum and gunk from tubs, showers, and sinks.
5.      Mopping floors.
6.      Cleaning out kennels and stalls.
7.      Remove wine stains.
8.      Clean up and kill mold and mildew.
9.      Cleaning stainless steel appliances – inside and out.

The enzymatic cleaner that we carry is Tweetmint by SafeSolutions.  I recently lent my bottle of Tweetmint to my college aged son and apparently it worked so well that I am not getting the bottle back.  We also offer EarthEnzymes Drain Opener. This product is specifically formulated to clear clogged drains without harsh chemicals.

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