Thursday, April 5, 2012

The Magic of Corn Gluten

Corn Gluten pre-emergent herbicideMother Nature is amazing and corn gluten is one of her better gifts to gardeners! Corn gluten is nature’s weed and feed product. It’s easy to apply and doesn’t have the potential harmful side effects of a chemical. A natural by-product of processed corn, corn gluten is completely harmless to humans, pets, livestock and wildlife.  It is very interesting to note that corn gluten will not harm plants that are established (rooted with true leaves). 

So how can corn gluten help in the garden? Glad you asked…

Corn gluten can be used as a natural pre-emergent – to suppress weeds. Specifically, corn gluten inhibits the seed from germinating by drying it out as it cracks open to sprout. This action stops the development of roots – stopping the growth of the weed.

While its primary use is to stop weeds, corn gluten also has a high nitrogen count: 9-0-0. This nitrogen acts as a fertilizer and helps to green up established plants and lawns. 
Here are some of the weeds that corn gluten effectively controls:

• Barnyard grass
• Bermuda grass
• Crabgrass
• Creeping bentgrass
• Curly Dock
• Dandelions
• Foxtail
• Lambsquarter
• Pigweed
• Plantains
• Purslane
• Redroot Bigweed
• Smart weed

Continued use of corn gluten will actually diminish weed populations from year to year.
Safe, effective and easy to use…what more could you want from a natural herbicide?
Take a look at Orland’s Safe-T-Weed on our website and discover the amazing benefits of corn gluten for yourself.

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