Monday, April 22, 2019

Earth Day and The Sonoran Institute

For this year’s Earth Day, ARBICO is donating to The Sonoran Institute. This is a non-profit located here in Tucson, with a reach that encompasses large areas of the West and into Mexico. Their focus is on protecting and restoring waterways and other natural resources while building and nurturing the communities that depend on them. We feel this mission fits well with how we see ourselves here at ARBICO – we have our roots  in the Sonoran desert but our environmental concerns and responsibilities branch out much further.

Their work on restoring the Colorado River estuary perfectly exemplifies what they do. It’s a cross-border initiative whose goal is to revive the natural runoff of the river and recreate the delta’s ecosystem, including those towns that dried up along with the river. Learn more here.

 I encourage everyone to find a way, great or small, to support these environmental warriors.

Submitted by Pam

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