Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Everyone should have a Worm Factory in their home!

Another great thing to know about compost and healthy soil is that there is an important relationship between dirt and worms.  Worms aerate soil and make an excellent organic fertilizer by leaving behind castings rich in phosphorus, nitrogen, and many other nutrients and trace minerals.  A fun and easy way to add worms to your garden is by using a Worm Factory®! 

The Worm Factory® is a nifty home for worms, helping compost form as worms feed on your food scrapes.  It is designed with square stacking bins and a bottom spigot.  You can easily harvest the worm castings, and collect compost tea!  This odorless dwelling is a great home for worms, allowing for family expansion.  You can use it year-round and it can provide a fun way for children to understand the process of transforming food waste into valuable fertilizer!

I am looking forward to the holiday season, as I have many friends and family members that would find this to be a great addition to their home composting system!  I wonder if I can gift wrap the worms? Order Worms Here.

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