Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Why Use Beneficial Nematodes In The Fall?

While it is sensible to use Beneficial Nematodes in the warmer summer and spring months, it is absolutely necessary to use them in the Fall!
For instance, in places where you have a year-round lawn or garden, use Beneficial Nematodes to eliminate any developing pests that are go underground for the winter!  You will be sure to get a head start when spring rolls around.

Think of the Beneficial Nematodes as the authority when it comes to evicting pests from your soil!

Also, you can use them indoors to control pests that may be taking residency this Fall in your houseplants!  You can add a spoonful of Beneficial Nematodes to the soil of your potted plants.  I do this while watering every few months.  It is very easy and it is a great way to ensure that pests stay out! Order Beneficial Nematodes Here.

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