Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Lady Behind Dr. Buglady

Name: Sheri Herrera de Frey

Known as: Dr. Buglady

Occupation: Owner, ARBICO Organics, Inc.

Greetings to everyone! I would like to share with you briefly about my background and how I came to be known as "Dr. Buglady"! Originally from Tucson, AZ., I have spent over thirty years growing what started as an off-beat idea of my husband's into a company committed to providing affordable environmentally sustainable pest and garden solutions.

I have a true passion for what I do! Starting out with a background in International Relations, I was ready to take on the challenge of starting a business. Since the earliest days, I began to learn as much as I could about insects and organisms, soil fertility, weeds, diseases, composting, cover crops, bio-oases and much more! Years of working with gardeners, farmers and commercial customers have allowed me to acquire an enormous education that I can now share with you!

I have had the chance to work with many experts in my field and have been honored on occasion as a presenter to share my own wealth of knowledge at organic/sustainable conferences and agricultural gatherings globally! Along the way, by helping to prescribe environmentally sustainable and organic solutions, I picked up the nickname of Dr. Buglady! I love helping people with their pest, garden, pet and farm solutions. I look forward to hearing from you! The doctor is in!

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