Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Odor Control of Indoor Compost Bins with Bokashi

It is so easy to compost with a handy Compost Carrier Bucket in your kitchen!  I keep mine under the sink and love the easy to use lid and handle! The bucket is designed with a carbon filter in the lid and is easy to clean making fewer aromas. Having a great love of cooking, I enjoy being able to compost the remainders of the vital veggies that I am discarding!

Decaying food can have a powerful stink.  I use EM•1® Rice Bran Bokashi to help my compost break down faster with less odor.  Made from fermented rice bran, this easy to use inoculated rice bran can be sprinkled by the teaspoonful into the compost bucket. By adding a supply of beneficial microorganisms to your compost, EM•1® Rice Bran Bokashi will accelerate your composting rate by approximately 50%.

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