Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Indoor Pests: Roaches, Silverfish and Ants!

Some insects can pose a problem all year. While winter brings on a state of dormancy in some, others keep a busy bustling pace.

Cockroaches are some of my least favorite indoor pests.  They always seem to surprise me and I am always astounded that they find my home hospitable even though I keep it very clean!  The best thing to do about cockroaches is to always be on the defense.  Don’t let the cooler weather fool you, these bugs are persistant!  Winter months are a good time to clean cupboards, closets, under sink areas and other stoarage areas. Cockroach Traps from ARBICO Organics are a great way to capture these insects and can be placed in areas that may house roaches.  I like to put these under the sink, under kitchen appliances, and near garbage cans.

Silverfish are pesky and hard to notice.  I would recommend that during the winter months you monitor your home and other buildings for pests like these using boric acid. I like to place three inch squares of aluminum foil in various areas and I put a few tablespoons of JT Eaton™ Answer® Boric Acid in the center of each one them.  The boric acid will attract them out of their hiding spots, and help you eliminate them!  As these insects feed on proteins and carbs found in binding agents and glue, it is important to make certain that you place the squares in many different rooms inculding areas with book storage, paper, and food storage. 

The best way to rid homes and buildings of ants is to keep them out from the get go. Using DE Diatomaceous Earth, I make barriers around windows and doors.  Where I live, ants are present year round and I am always making certain to keep food containers well sealed and highly recommend that your garbage, recycling, and compositing receptacles have lids.  If you do find that ants are finding a way into your home through small cracks or holes, sealing these entry ways with caulking will stop ants from bypassing your DE barriers. 

Keeping your home pest free is a year-round job.  Utilizing these safe, easy, and environmentally friendly products will help you stay happy this holiday!

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