Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How to Get Rid of Fleas and Ticks the Natural Way

Fleas and ticks can pose a year-round problem and can be pestering to you and your animal friends this fall. The fall is the perfect time for any eggs laid late in the summer to begin hatching.

Why the Natural Way?
Conventional flea and tick control products may contain any of seven "organophosphate insecticides" (OPs) which work by interfering with the transmission of nerve signals in the brain, effecting the nervous systems of insects, pets and even humans! The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) states that, "Studies with laboratory animals have raised concerns among scientists that children exposed to certain pesticides in pet products -- even at levels believed to be safe for adults -- face much higher risks…". (NRDC, "Poisons on Pets" ). Check out the link to their website which lists pet products containing any of the seven following pesticides:
  • Chlorpyrifos
  • Dichlorvos
  • Phosmet
  • Malathion
  • Diazinon
  • Tetrachlorvinphos
  • Naled

No worries! Arbico Organics has a great variety of products to control your flea and tick problems the natural way, without any OPs! As always, I suggest a full spectrum approach. 

For immediate repellent needs, caused by the hatching of summer laid eggs, I recommend any of the natural plant and essential oil based products. Check out Flea 'n Tick B Gone, Insect Shooo Flea Repellent, Knock-Out Natural Insect Repellent Spray for Dogs and tasty Yeast & Garlic Bits!

To treat the cause, I recommend treating the areas outside of your home with a combination of NemAttack and NemaSeek Beneficial Nematodes! They provide a great first line of defense against emerging and developing fleas and ticks!

Although summer is fleeing, don't let fleas and ticks bother you or your pets!

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